May 30, 2023

While using Instagram Live, Reels, or Posts, Learn How to Pin a Comment

How to Pin a instagram Comment

If your Instagram profile is exceptionally active and engaged, you risk being buried behind a deluge of comments on your posts. But, you may emphasize the most significant comments on your article by pinning them. Follow the steps in this article to permanently archive a remark on Instagram.

When you “pin” a remark, it will be moved to the very top of your comment area, where the attention it deserves will be immediately apparent. If you’re a content producer with an audience you want to interact with, this function will come in handy.

Be aware that the specifics of the article’s instructions may change depending on where you live. And only your own comments—not those of others—can be pinned to the top of your Instagram posts. Now that we have everything settled, we can get on with the topic.


Users have been able to permanently archive comments on Instagram Live in previous years. A statement made by a fan or the host can be highlighted during a live broadcast by “pinning” it.

Pinned comments always appear at the top of the thread, regardless of how many new replies are submitted. All right, let’s get started with the procedures.

Please be aware that Instagram Live is currently only accessible on Android and iOS devices and not on PC. To accomplish either, just follow the same procedures. But for the sake of this example, let’s assume Android.

Step 1: Launch Instagram by tapping the plus sign (+) on the bottom (top, if using an iPhone).

Step 2: Seeing the photos stored on your phone. Just slide down to the Live option.

Step 3: If you’d like, To enter a title, use the Title button on the left. Instead, you may hit the symbol located beneath the Title indicator to switch to the Broadcast audience.

Step 4: Initiate a Live session by clicking the Live icon.

Step 5: Pick Pin Comment from the menu that appears when you press and hold a remark you wish to keep in a prominent position.

A comment has been pinned to your Instagram Live broadcast. To delete the pinned remark, repeat the same steps but this time select the Unpin comment.


An Instagram Reels pinned comment functions the same way as an Instagram Live pinned remark. When a remark is “pinned,” it will always appear at the top of the comments area, regardless of how many new comments are placed below it.

The instructions apply to both Android and iOS. But for the sake of this example, let’s assume Android.

Step 1: Launch Instagram on your Android and navigate to your profile by touching on your image in the app’s bottom right corner.

Step 2: Decide which Reel the remark will be pinned to.

Remember to check out the Reel by clicking the Reels tab if it is not already shown.

Step 3: Check out the feedback by selecting the remark icon.

Step 4: Choose the thumbtack symbol from the toolbar that displays by long-pressing any comment.

Now you know. A comment of yours has become a permanent fixture on your Instagram Feed. You are limited to pinning just three comments at a time. To remove a pinned item, repeat the preceding steps and then click the Unpin button.

Instagram: how to “pin” a comment

To make a Reels Comment more noticeable on Instagram, you can “pin” it to the top of the comments section. This feature is only available on iOS and Android devices. However, for this example, we will be using iOS since it’s more commonly used. The process is quite simple and involves just a few clicks. So go ahead, give your Reels Comment the spotlight it deserves by pinning it to the top!

Then, launch Instagram and tap your profile photo on the app’s upper right.

The second step is to choose the relevant post and then hit the comment button.

Then, locate the reply you like to highlight and make it the first one.

To “pin” a post, pick the thumbtack icon by swiping right on the remark.

Fifth, if a verification message occurs, tap the Pin comment button. The first time you attempt to pin a remark, this issue will likely arise.

Fifth, if a verification notice pops up, tap the Pin comment button. The issue typically arises the first time a remark is pinned.