May 30, 2023

5 Instagram SEO Tips To Increase Your Reach 

5 Instagram SEO Tips To Increase Your Reach

Search engine optimization is optimising your website to rank higher on the search engine result page and improve the organic traffic to your website. So, Instagram SEO is also important to drive organic traffic to your IG account.

It is the right time you should start to grow your Instagram profile organically, increase your reach and boost your discoverability. Optimise your Instagram profile page and implement the Instagram SEO best practice to upgrade your profile and ensure the right people see your Instagram content.  This article helps to show you the best SEO practices to improve your visibility on Instagram.

What Is Instagram SEO?

Instagram SEO has a little magnifying glass icon showing the users the specific posts they are looking for. This search engine uses algorithms and data to show users’ posts relevant to their interests.

Optimising your Instagram profile is important as the algorithm helps you to show your unique content to relevant searchers. Instagram SEO works similarly to Google as the search results depend on various factors. Such as the accounts you follow, the reach of your profile, and so on.

How Does Instagram SEO Benefit The Online Businesses?

Instagram SEO is going to be beneficial for marketing the business online. Here are some points that you should know.

  • A larger audience will search for your unique content in the Instagram search bar.
  • Potential customers who are looking for your products can easily reach your account.
  • Do competitive research and know what other competitors are doing on your Instagram profile, and try to implement it in your account.
  • Build a good community with followers and try to connect with other brands, as these can boost your profile.

Importance Of Social Media Profile For Online Businesses

Instagram is a great place to start your online business. A strong business profile can help you build a good brand online and look professional to your followers. You have control over the page’s insights and analytics, which drives better results.

Optimise Your Instagram Profile 

The first step is to ensure that your profile is in public mode. Optimise your profile to show your account on the explore page and in the search suggestions. When people enter the search query in the relevant search bar to your niche, your profile must appear on the first few search results. 

To ensure your account, you need to optimise your profile by using your niche keywords in relevant places. Use keywords in your username and add a relevant hashtag in your posts which helps your profile to show on the top of the result page.

Use Hashtags As A Keywords

Instagram allows users to add 30 hashtags for every single post. Using the right and relevant hashtags can increase your page’s reach and gain new followers. When your hashtags are relevant, the content helps you to gain a new audience and increase the engagement rate of your posts.

Write Captions With Keywords

Instagram SEO, apply SEO tactics beyond your username and bio to improve your discoverability. When you write long, descriptive, keyword-rich captions can easily be searchable on Instagram and show your posts on the explore page. Using the correct keywords on your content helps you get the right audience.

Using specific keywords in your captions that should be relevant to your niche or industry can help you rank on the explore page and search result page.

Add Alt-Tag To Your Photos

Use alt-text when you add any photos to your blog post. You must write a unique alt-text to your photos on the posts, which can optimise images for SEO to rank images on the explore page of Instagram.

When you write an alt-tag to every single post, it can give extra information about your post and what it is about. The Instagram algorithm works for images and helps your posts to show on the explore page for the same images.

Connect Other Social Media On Instagram

Instagram allows you to connect all your other social media accounts with it. When you post, the content can be easily shareable with other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. It will enhance the visibility of the users as other social media platforms have access to Instagram.

Make sure to add captions with hashtags, as the posts are sharable on Twitter, and users can search using hashtags. It will increase the reach of your other accounts also. You can share your posts on Pinterest, also. So, posting on Instagram will allow users to share content on Facebook and Twitter.


Instagram SEO strategies are easy when you compare them with Instagram algorithms. When you follow these strategies can improve your visibility and discoverability. There is more chance to see your valuable content by more people and have a good increase in follower count. With all these, you can increase your revenue.